Sunday, February 15, 2009

I need a phone, just a phone

I don't think I need to surf the net and post from my phone. I waste enough time at home doing that. I don't have a paid job any longer so I don't have to keep up with stuff every freakin second of the day and night. Would it be fun to surf and post? Well, yeah. If I have to I can Twitter from my phone and wait to check updates from others when a computer is available. Hell, why do I need to read people's 'twit'ter every second of the day anyway? So no Blackberry for me. Iphone? It's fun and interesting but not for me. I just need a phone. It doesn't have to play music or store many photos. It doesn't need to tell me how to get places - and by the way I don't want Google telling people exactly where my phone and I are located. Buncha busybodies.

Bluetooth? Maybe. I'm on the road a lot and people call me (and I call people but don't tell anyone) when I'm driving. So a Bluetooth headset might come in handy. But hands free speakerphone could work too, don't you think? I am not impressed with people you see in shops and on the street talking, it appears at least, to themselves. With further examination I'll notice that thing around one ear. It seems silly and self-important to me but what do I know? So if I do get a Bluetooth headset you have my word I will only use it in the car.

But really if you can't talk on the phone and drive then you can't talk with anyone in your car either. Seriously. A conversation is a conversation whether you can see the person you're speaking with or not. Or, am I missing something. Holding a cell phone makes the conversation more dangerous?

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